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Solid Waste Management Programme III/IV
Upgrading WM in Pristina Region, Kosovo

The “Upgrading the Waste Management in the Pristina Region / Solid Waste Management III/IV” (BMZ No.: 2018 67 571) was implemented for the Kosovo Regional Waste Collection Company “Pastrimi JSC” and funded by KfW Development Bank.

Within the framework of the bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Kosovo and the Federal Republic of Germany, Germany envisages grant funds for investments in the solid waste infrastructure for the Pristina area, as well as for accompanying measures to sustainably improve the operation and maintenance of the investments financed. The investments considered comprise measures to improve the operations of RWC “Pastrimi”, by fostering inter-municipal collaboration, by aligning the disposal and the treatment of construction and demolition waste, by initiating source segregation and recycling to eventually bring the local waste management system in line with the EU waste legislation, and by advancing the infrastructure accordingly.

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