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Expansion and Optimization of the Waste Collection Services in Thessaloniki, Greece

The project “Framework agreement to support EIB advisory services (EIBAS) activities inside and outside EU-28 / Lot 4: Smart Growth, Social Infrastructure and Horizon 2020 / Thessaloniki Municipal Infrastructure Preparation” (Ref.: TA2018067 GR HUB), was implemented for the Municipality of Thessaloniki and funded by the EIB.

EPEM Engineering was responsible for the preparation of the Feasibility Study for the project “Expansion and Optimization of the Waste Collection Services in the Integrated Municipal Waste Management System of the Municipality of Thessaloniki”. The Feasibility Study devised and prioritized technically and economically feasible investment measures for possible co-financing with an existing EIB loan facility. It proposed an Investment Plan for the period 2020-2030, suggesting a staged introduction of the new waste collection system components with initial pilot and subsequent scale-up phases, focusing on biowaste collection and waste segregation at source.

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